Welcome to my website!

Hi! My name is Dana Church and I love to write. Now that I’ve had a few articles published (hooray!) I thought I should have a bit of a presence on the Internet.  So here I am!

I’ve published a number of articles in academic journals on topics ranging from spatial memory in bumblebees to the impact of student pharmacists administering vaccinations. Academic writing is okay, but my most favourite (and my best) writing is my writing  I’ve done for kids. I tend to gravitate toward writing about animals, both fiction and non-fiction. In fact, someone commented that my PhD thesis read more like a novel than a dissertation. I took that as a compliment!

My writing has been published in Highlights for Children magazine, Odyssey: Adventures in Science, and the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s WILD magazine. One day I will add a book to this list.

Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy it.


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