Little: Chapter 3

Little drank from the wax pot in front of her, the thick, sweet liquid sliding up through her tongue and into her stomach. The flavourful bliss drowned her hunger and her scent-song drifted out beyond her: Thank you, thank you dear Sisters. Sisters who braved Sky-World, Sisters who returned and—

BRAIN BURST. All senses suddenly conquered by a compulsion of OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!!!!

Little whipped up her proboscis and clambered over cocoons and Sisters and she just absolutely, desperately had to get OUT.
Little scuttled right past She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless. She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless smelled Little’s scent-song and felt tickling prickles. Oh! You have been Called, sang She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless. Called into Sky-World! Enjoy and be brave, my little one. I love you I love you I love you…
Little scuttled up the tunnel leading to Sky-World. Light pricked through up ahead and became more and more, and was blinding and painful after her life in the dark nest. But then the light was beautiful. Little buzzed her wings and lifted off and flew up, up…

COLOURS AND LIGHT! All at once overwhelming. But Little knew this is where she was meant to be. Legs of the Sun stretched down and she just knew exactly what these were. She just knew she could use the sun and its legs to find her way home. As she flew a part of her brain was calculating how to return. It was a love-tickle at the back of her brain and she only had to direct her focus there to find her way back.

Little felt the breeze whip through her fur. She was flying, flying through Sky-World! It was an ocean of scents. Trees, grass, blooms…everything emanated a scent-song. Her antennae suddenly prickled, then pointed, and she flew down, down… Cherry. She knew exactly what this blossom was and how to find its treasures. When she landed her legs scrambled on the soft, silky surface, and then she found her grip and extended her tongue. The fragrance and the flavour made her drunk and she felt her belly fill. She rolled up her tongue and felt the sticky yellow dust that clung to her fur. Even the dust smelled like Cherry. Little scraped it all back, back, into balls on each of her back legs. She knew she needed more. And she knew she needed more blossoms to fill her belly. She buzzed her wings and flew-jumped to the next blossom. More beautiful fragrance and flavour, more beautiful, sticky, yellow dust. Then, when feeling quite pregnant with nectar and when the pollen balls were heavy on her back legs, she focused on the love-tickle at the back of her brain that would guide her home. Love, love, Cherry my love. I will be back, I will be back…Little sang as she lifted up her heavier self and flew back to Mother and Sisters.


2 thoughts on “Little: Chapter 3

  1. Really enjoyed this chapter. Felt Little’s joy and initial fear of her very first time outside the comfort of her hive.Great description of sights and scents that greeted our little bee.


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