Little: Chapter 5

Little helped She-Who-Takes-the Scentless carry the dead body through the nest to the entrance hole. She did not know what would happen after they heaved the body up the tunnel toward Sky-World.

The light in the tunnel became brighter and brighter the further they went, stinging Little’s eyes. Then–


Sky-World! Oh, the flood of scents! The flood of colours! The multitude vibrations in the air of lives buzzing, flying, crawling, breathing…And when Little looked up, the Sky stretched on forever, up, up. Little felt a tickle at the back of her brain that all of this was familiar somehow. The vivid green of the grass blades that surrounded them flooded Little with bliss and the breeze through her fur was refreshing. Even the soil beneath her feet felt different from the soil floor of the nest.

Little and She-Who-Takes-the-Scentless carried the body a bit further and then laid it on the soil. Little watched as She-Who-Takes-the-Scentless stepped back. Little smelled She-Who-Takes-the-Scentless scent-sing a song she never smelled before: (Earthy-sunlight-spring-breeze-garden-burst…)

O Eternal web

Woven in this shell,

Unwind and flit and flutter forth

And weave a new Life well.

O Eternal Life

Flee this body, dead and gone,

Leave us this Sister’s memory as

The circle cycles on.

She-Who-Takes-the-Scentless placed both antennae on the body and bowed her head. Then she turned and waddled back toward the nest.

What will happen to the body? Little sang.

She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless stopped. She will become the soil, the sky, the grass, the leaves, the wind…

But how? Asked Little.

No one knows, my Little. We just trust.

She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless disappeared into the nest tunnel. Little drank in Sky-World as she stood near the lifeless bee body. Then Little searched and searched with her antennae but indeed the body was truly scentless. As she stood Little felt a friendly swirl of peace surround her, the body, the grass, the Sky, everything. It embraced her, it embraced everything.

Soon She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless returned with another body. She placed it nearby the first body and began to scent-sing:

O Eternal web

Woven in this shell,


Unwind and flit and flutter forth

And weave a new Life well.

O Eternal Life

Flee this body, dead and gone,


Little skittered up to She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless. She could smell her own panic-panic-panic!

Sister, sister! Little scrambled over She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless again and again. Stop! Stop! What’s happening! Little tried not to drown in her fear.

Little could smell a waft of terror-confusion-fear-distress, same as the sister she had once smelled in the nest. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped.

What is the matter, my lovely Little?

(Panic-confusion-panic-confusion) Your song…your scent…what happened?

Nothing, my Love…she smelled confused.

Are you certain?

Yes! She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless sang a soothing song of peace. Worry not, beautiful sister. Let us go back to the nest. There is much work to do.

As She-Who-Takes-The-Scentless turned to leave, Little drank in her scent, her presence. Please, she sang. Please do not drink from Apple. Promise me you will not drink from Apple!

I promise, my Little.

But Little knew it was too late.


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