A Nice Coincidence

I realize it is quite cliche, but I like to write in coffee shops. My most favourite ones have a bookstore attached to them. There is something about the smell of books. The smell of books and freshly brewed coffee is even better. As silly as it sounds, I like the vibes that all those books and pages and words give off, creating a welcoming ambiance for my own writing. Am I pretentious enough to think I am good enough to write in the company of so many published authors’ works? I think so! 🙂 It fuels my drive to write. I figure, if they can do it, so can I.

But last night as I sat in the shop with the spirit of all those books peering over my shoulders, the words just did not flow. I am trying to write a synopsis for an incompletely written story and it feels like planning out a life before it is lived. I’m starting to think that I need to just write the story first and just forget about the outline for now. But I like to have an idea of what is going to happen before I write… I know there’s a happy balance there somewhere, between planning and just letting something blossom organically, but I haven’t found it yet. (Any suggestions are most welcome!)

Anyway, I was a bit frustrated when it came time to leave the shop. I stopped off at the washroom and something caught my eye: Scratched in ballpoint pen, in teensy writing winding around in the grout between square tiles in the bathroom, was the following message: Believe in yourself because you are worth it.

Patience, persistence, perseverance. I know I wrote about it, but sometimes it’s hard to take your own advice. Or you forget all about your advice. 

The words will come, the story will complete itself, and the synopsis will tie it all together. Patience, persistence, perseverance.

So thank you, dear stranger, for reminding me.


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