9 Signs I am a (proud) nerd

In no particular order:

  1. I know my library card barcode by heart.
  2. A thrill races through me when a book I want is available in the library or nearby bookstore.
  3. I cannot rest until I pick up said book from the library/bookstore.
  4. I am excited to try out new electronic reference managers. (Have you tried Mendeley? It’s awesome!)
  5. When I realize I have an overdue library book, a little part of me dies.
  6. My stack of books at my bedside table is about to topple over.
  7. When reading non-fiction I always read the reference list.
  8. When I worked for a bookstore I was able to attend an event where we got a sneak peek at a publisher’s upcoming releases. It was an orgasmic experience.
  9. Have you read my other posts? I write about bees. A lot.

And I’m sure there are many, many others… 🙂


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