Letter to a butterfly

Dear Mr./Ms. Butterfly,

Hello there! I am the human who saved you yesterday. Remember how you were limping along the walking path? I am the big creature who put down her fingers, inviting you to crawl on. I can understand why you hesitated. I appeared out of nowhere. Or maybe you saw/felt me approach? What must I have looked like? Smelled like? 

I am so glad you took the risk to climb onto my hand. You felt so soft and tickly and light. What, if anything, was going through that amazing little brain of yours as I lifted you off the ground? How much of me could you see? I wish I could have traded mental places with you for a moment to experience what you did, and to reassure you of my good intentions.

Were you relieved when I placed you on a tray of fruit? Far away from the path of lumbering, trodding humans? Do you even feel anything like relief?

I hope you are still safe. And even if you cannot fly anymore, I hope you spend your days in peace. You are beautiful. And you hold beautiful mysteries. Thank you for sharing a Moment with me.

Warmest regards,


Live long and prosper, oh lovely one!

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