Pinto, the canine coffee magnate

Hola! My name eez Pinto. I am dee owner of a huge coffee plantation in Costa Rica.

You like coffee, yes? I make dee best coffee!

I may be small but my plantation eez big. BIG!

Here I am greeting people who visit my plantation and are enjoying good lunch. Maybe dey give me some-ting?

Here eez a picture of dee coffee bean when it eez a fruit. Nice and green, yes?

You know, to keep deh birds and udder animals away from my coffee fruits, I plant trees like mango and orange. You say like a”distraction” for deh animals. Eez smart, yes?

Here eez deh coffee beans drying in deh sun. Like sun-bathing!

My workers, dey rake deh beans up and down in rows so dey get dried really well.

Here are bags and bags of my bee-utiful coffee beans! Dey make me so happy, all of dat coffee! For the peoples of Costa Rica and deh world!

I make all kinds of deh coffee. Any kind you like, I have for you!

My most favourite, doh, eez deh Peaberry. So smooth and sweet and nice! Mucho Bueno!

So dat eez my story for you! I hope you like. And I hope you like my coffee. Eez deh best!

Pura vida!

Now, you give me some-ting?


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