Magical monkey moments

It’s not every day that you go up to a rooftop bar for happy hour and the howler monkeys come out. 

(Well, I guess it depends on how you define howler monkey. But I mean literal howler monkeys, like the guys below.)

Two Costa Rican howler monkeys sitting in a tree. Their backs are to the camera. I guess that’s like flipping the bird to human tourists with cameras.
These guys are LOUD. Too many cervesas?

I had the pleasure of seeing them jump around in the trees, eat leaves, and yawn with their bright pink tongues. There was even a Momma and little baby.

It was getting dark and they just curled up and went to sleep in the branches. The next morning before sunrise I hurried to the rooftop to see if they were still there, and they were! A loud wake-up call from Mr. Alpha and they slowly stirred awake. A few leaves for breakfast, then they were gone.

Later that morning in the national park, this beauty made his (her?) presence:

Costa Rican white-faced monkey chillaxin’ a few feet above my head. Magical.

For a few moments we held eye contact. Eye contact with a monkey in the wild. It was surreal and penetrating. Burned into my brain. 

Oh! The howlers are back! And it’s happy hour again.


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