Jose’s gift shop (with crocodiles)

Hola! My name eez Jose, and I run a leetle gift shop in Garabito, Costa Rica. 

I am waiting for tourist to scratch my belly.

Ah! Here eez one! Ooh, feels so good!

You like to buy gifts, yes? I have many to choose from. 

But if you no buy gifts, I throw you to deh crocodiles!

Ha! But seriously, deez crocodiles are up deh street from my gift shop. There are like 40, no kidding. Good for tourizm, yes?

For some-thing more nice, here are some bee-utiful flowers near my shop.

I have many amigos. Here is Pancho, up deh street. He runs…what you call it? An “info centre”?

Here is Manuel, one of mi amigos, by one of our trad-eeshional ox carts of Costa Rica.

Gomez, he like to hang out by ice cream shop two blocks away.

He eez like me, he likes deh tourists.

 Here is Tosky. He runs into traffic other day and almost get killed! Tosky is a bit loco. But we love him.

And I cannot forget Luis. He hangs out at local bar. Pretty smart, he get lots of food from deh peoples. And he likes to party.

Now mi amigos, I must get back to work. But I must tell you, dee best ting we have at my gift shop?



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