The right place at the right time!

In a previous post I mentioned I was excited to see Bombus ephippiatus in Costa Rica.

Well, guess what? I saw one!

I think.

She was way up in a flowering tree outside of a rainforest in San Carlos. All by herself, buzzing from blossom to blossom. Her fur was mostly black but she was too high up in the tree for me to see her whole colouration clearly. I did catch a glimpse of nice, big pollen balls on her back legs.

I frantically tried to take a picture but my iPhone could only zoom in so far. Then, as though she was extremely camera shy, she flew away.

Somewhere is this picture is a black-furred bumblebee. Can you see her? I can’t!

It was pure luck I saw her there when I did. I didn’t see another bumblebee during the entire rest of my trip.

I did, however, see other bees. I’m not sure if they were honeybees or solitary bees or some other type of bee. But here they are:

The flowers in Costa Rica are amazing. Many of them look like hummingbird flowers:

But unfortunately, although I saw a few hummingbirds, they were too elusive and quick to get a picture!


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