Zoo Ave, a wildlife rescue centre

One of my favourite places we visited in Costa Rica was Zoo Ave, a wildlife rescue centre where they rehabilitate sick or injured animals so they can return to the wild. Unfortunately some animals need to stay at the centre for the rest of their days, but a good number are eventually happily released.

Here is one of my favourite pictures I snapped during our whole trip. I love how brilliant this scarlet macaw is. And s/he was perched pretty close to the walking path!

We managed to see a huge iguana mooching the parrots’ food. It was stretched down, helping himself/herself, while the parrot watched. (Given the size of the creature, I wouldn’t have interfered either…).

There were all kinds of animals, which was bittersweet: sweet to see them all, bitter to know they ended up in a rescue centre for some reason.

Here is a capuchin monkey, bring a tad shy for the camera:

Here is an albino squirrel:

And an emu:

I think this is a spider monkey…

And finally, a beautiful big cat (I can’t remember what it is exactly):

Oh no! We have an escapee! Just kidding.


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