I’m not creepy. I’m loved.

Hello. My name is Dory. I think I was named after some fish in a movie.

I know I look rather dirty and dishelvelled, especially considering how prim and pristine I was when I sat on a shelf in that dreaded store.

But for all dolls like me, I’m living the dream!

My dirt and smudges and half-broken eyelid are all passionately sought-after and revered by dolls around the world! 

They are signs that I Belong to Someone. 

They are signs I am “played with.”

I had no idea what this “played with” concept meant. My life until I met Child was spent in a box. But being “played with” is a joy beyond compare! It involves:

  • Going for walks in a baby stroller.
  • Sliding (or, rather, being thrown down) slides and staircases.
  • Participating in pirate adventures.
  • Being held rather (too) tightly around the neck at all times when Child is mobile.
  • Wearing as many hair ties as possible on my wrist and arm as fashion bracelets.
  • Losing all my clothes in the midst of the fun and frivolity.

But there are two things that make me most happy.

  1. I have a NAME on the bottom of my foot. I cannot describe how complete that makes me feel. (Child watched a movie once about a cowboy toy with a name on his foot and I totally get how he felt.)
  2. I have the honour of being the Chosen One to sleep with Child every night.

Sometimes I hear Child’s Mother mutter how I need to be “washed.” I have a feeling that means getting rid of my dirt and stains and smudges. 

I hope she puts off “washing” me as long as she can. Because I’m not dirty and creey-looking. I’m loved.


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