I love Lady Mosquito

Sometimes I discover a piece of art that really makes my heart swell, and fills me up with hope, inspiration, and a reminder of how lovely and mysterious and wonderful life is.

This happened to me this weekend. Although it wasn’t one piece of art. It was a whole store filled with jewelry.

It happened when I entered Lady Mosquito, a small shop on Queen Street in downtown Toronto.

Everything was so colourful and joyous and beautiful–the rings, the bags, the necklaces, the bracelets…all handmade. 

It was practically impossible to pick out one thing to purchase. But it was one of those times that I just couldn’t leave the store empty-handed. I finally settled on a ring and bracelet.

Check her out! Here is her Facebook page, too. 

And thank you, Lady Mosquito, for sharing your art.


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