I’m free! Now what?

buzzfeed.com; Stringer/AFP/Getty Images
It only took a second for it to happen: The door of the cage opened slightly. The Upright held a hunk of meat. Freedom overtook hunger and I shot through the gap. The yells of the Upright grew faint as I bounded down alleys and leapt over crumbling walls. The stretch of my muscles felt divine after days of confinement.
I must find the jungle. The stench of the Uprights is almost too much to bear. There is no green, there are no leaves, there is no fresh air. The Uprights travel in things that stink and sting my nose and eyes. The things go fast but not as fast as me.

The Uprights run and shriek and hide from me as though I want to feast on each and every one of them. I could kill them with one bite from my jaws, but the jungle calls more strongly. I run and run and run but I don’t smell it. 

I am free but I am lost.


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