Dryer treasures

I’m the laundry-doer in our household, and I’m amassing quite a collection of objects from our dryer.

Forty cents, a rock, a marble, and a Lego-person’s hat. Each was in a pocket at some point.

Where did the 40 cents come from? Maybe I’m the guilty one and it’s change from when I bought a coffee at work. But usually I buy a large coffee that’s $1.90 so I don’t usually get 40 cents in change.

Or maybe they are stranded coins from when the kids emptied their piggy banks. (Which I witnessed them do.)

My husband always keeps change in his pocket but he usually empties it into a jar at the end of the day. So I’m guessing this money belongs to the kids.

The rock? Definitely belongs to one of the kids. But where did it come from? The park? A schoolyard? Someone’s rock garden?

And I wonder why it was chosen? It’s size? It’s smooth-ness? Both? Something else?

As for the marble, it’s pretty cheap. Lots of divets in it so it doesn’t roll away very easily. But it has cool speckles. Maybe it’s from a birthday party lootbag? Or perhaps it was found on the sidewalk somewhere?

Lastly, the Lego-person hat. 

Not much to say about that, other than I’m surprised more Lego hasn’t shown up in the dryer…


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