2 am toast parties with a 3-year-old

Recently my daughter has gotten into the habit of not eating much during the day, then waking up at 2 am declaring that she’s hungry.

I thought late-night feedings were a thing of the past. 

And I really do enjoy my sleep.

But then I see the twinkle in her eye and her sweet smile as she sucks the butter off her toast, and I realize that this too shall pass. This is a moment to share and enjoy with her. (Despite the lack-of-sleep headache pounding my skull…) She is up in the middle of the night, with Momma all to herself…of course this is special!

This is a time I can tell her about when she’s older, and see if she remembers anything. 

Then my thoughts fast-forward to when she’s a teenager. She comes home late and makes toast and the smell and sounds wake me up. I go downstairs and we sit at the dining table, her eating toast, and hopefully sharing with me her life beyond our walls. 

Can I wish that late-night toast will remain our thing?

I doubt that if she is feeling cold, she will let me tie a blanket around her shoulders, Superman-cape-style, like I’ve done now. 

But one can hope.


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