My recent dilemma

I’ve been at a loss for words lately. I started a story and I don’t know where to go from where I left off!

A girl named Violet found a door on the side of a tree. Apparently it belongs to a fairy named Spark. Violet’s father can’t see the door. And a cat started talking to Violet, telling her to visit the fairy.

What happens next? I have no clue!

Violet certainly won’t be able to resist visiting the fairy. But what is the fairy like? The cat said he was mischeivous. In what way? Does he have magical powers? Will Violet like him? What does he look like? What does the inside of his house look like?

In any good story the main character must want something more than anything in the world. What does Violet want? Her mother hasn’t appeared in the story anywhere yet…I have a feeling Violet’s mother has something to do with what Violet wants. But I could be wrong.

Importantly, I’d like to avoid cliches. Face it, there are a LOT of fairy stories out there. How can mine be original? Not that I want to write the next Peter Pan, but I just want to make my story…different, in a good way.

So, my brain simmers and sputters over this dilemma of where the heck my story is going. It will be a surprise for all of us!


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