Yarn nerd

Lately I’ve been struggling with a story I’m writing. So my brain said, “Let’s knit!”

I had an unbearable urge to visit a yarn shop. There’s something about browsing through all the colours and textures that really soothes my mind. So I went to Shall We Knit.

And I came across this beauty:

(We won’t look at the price tag!)

I am in love. Turquiose and orange and browns…who’d have thought?

I decided to “loom it” because I think it will look nicest as a chunky scarf, and plus I’m impatient to see the end result and looms are faster. For me, anyway.

I love baby alpaca yarn. It’s so soft and decadent and such a treat. Last year I loomed a scarf with baby alpaca yarn that has more Autumn-like colours:

So my mind is very happy, working away with this gorgeous yarn. I am so grateful to a dear, dear friend of mine for getting me hooked on knitting looms.

And before I sign off, here is the most awesome knitting bag in the world! Handmade by my former highschool biology teacher, with whom I am blessed to still be in touch. A perfect bag for a yarn nerd. 🙂


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