A mushroom

Violet walked quickly toward the house with the tiny red door on the tree in the front yard. She couldn’t wait to meet Spark. What did he look like? What did his voice sound like? The cat told her that Spark was mischievous. What did that mean?

Her heart quickened as she turned down the street and saw the tiny red door. She ran up to it, dropped her backpack, and crouched down. She peered into the small window in the door. She could see bright blue and lots of greens, just like tree leaves up against a sky.

Violet gently took the metal door knocker in her hand. As she was about to knock, the door slowly creaked open. Violet gasped as sunlight streamed though the gap. She gently pushed the door open wider. It was a forest!

There was the sound of birds chirping and a soft, fresh breeze blew through the door. Right inside the door was a huge tree. In the tree was a nook where a bright, shiny mushroom stood.

Violet took a breath. She reached her arm through the door and touched the mushroom gently with her fingertips.

There was a flash of light. Violet fell backwards onto her rear end. She blinked and she saw, sitting in the nook, not a mushroom, but a plump, tiny boy dressed all in bright red.

“You must be Violet,” he said.


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