More fairies?

“You must be Violet,” said the plump little fairy.

Violet stared back. “Y-You must be Spark…”

The fairy grinned, his cheeks red like cherry tomatoes. “Why yes, I am! How did you know?”

“A cat told me,” Violet replied.

“Ah yes,” said Spark as he rolled his eyes. “Mr. Pots is a bit of a know-it-all.”

“Mr. Pots?” Violet asked.

“Yes, Mr. Pots. He likes to curl up inside pots in the kitchen in the house where he lives. I saw him do it once. He can even fit inside the small ones.”

Spark’s voice reminded Violet of tinkling bells. He wore a pointed red hat with locks of hair the colour of caramel sticking out. Spark’s red suit was the same colour as Violet’s favourite Santa Claus Christmas tree ornament. Spark’s belly was a bit like a Santa Claus belly, too.

“Would you like to meet some of my friends?” Spark asked.

“Um…yes?” Violet answered.

Spark pointed to a huge, over-turned tree stump with roots sticking out. “See that fungus over there? Touch it gently and see what happens!”

Violet saw four layers of bright, sunny-coloured fungus growing on the side of the stump. 

I touched that mushroom and it turned into Spark, thought Violet. If I touch this fungus, will it turn into fairies, too?


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