Charmaine, The Cheesecake Factory Pigeon

Hi there! My name is Charmaine and I hang out at the patio of The Cheesecake Factory.

I’ve got an awesome gig. Do you know how sloppy these humans are? Big crumbs, often more like chunks, falling from their plates and their forks and their yappers. And good stuff, too, from artisan bread to, of course, cheesecake.

Although I shouldn’t speak too badly about the patrons. Most of them aim their oaf-ish feet at me every chance they get, but then there’s the charitable ones who intentionally toss a morsel my way.

And pumpkin spice season is revving up! It’s my favourite time of year. Even though I have no idea what a pumpkin is. Tastes good, whatever it may be.

I’d better flutter off…I see a human in an apron armed with a broom, headed my way…

Just remember: we pigeons like cheesecake too!


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