I saw a kid steal something!

I was sitting in a Starbucks when a group of kids came in.

They looked about 12 or 13 years old. About ten of them, mostly boys but some girls. They were clustered beside the small counter where you put milk, sugar, etc., in your coffee. 

I was too far away to hear what they were talking about. But this one boy, with dark, Justin-Bieber-like hair, looked suspicious. He was looking around and I had a feeling he was up to something.

I kept watching him. Sure enough, the group turned to leave, and he picked up the salt/pepper shaker that had cinnamon in it. He held it for a few seconds, and then…slipped it into his pocket and left!

For a split second I thought I could yell out, “Hey, that kid just stole the cinnamon!”

But how stupid does that sound? And is cinnamon worth the embarrassment?

He probably stole it on a dare. Maybe he’s now officially in some kind of club or gang or whatever they call them these days.

Or maybe he just likes stealing things? Maybe his friends had no idea he was going to steal it? Is he a kleptomaniac?

And what will happen to that cinnamon?

I guess I could have told the Starbucks people that they were now out of cinnamon. But I looked at the time and realized I was going to be late for a lunch date. Oh well. Someone will notice eventually.

Apathy with a dash of cinnamon.

A salt/pepper shaker like the one I saw lifted from Starbucks

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