Emotion salads

The first time my husband made me a salad it was in a huge bowl filled with umpteen different vegetables.

It was the most elaborate salad I had ever had.

My husband was also the person to teach me that you can feel more than one emotion at once. Eureka! Maybe that’s obvious to other folks, but I never realized it before. I always thought that if I felt mad, I was mad. Period. I never dug deep enough to discover that what I might have felt was mad but also frustrated, disappointed, etc.

(The awesome movie Home brings this issue up, too, when the alien says he feels “sad-mad.” Brilliant!)

I think the salads I was experiencing all those years before were also big, but all the interesting variety of vegetables, fruit, etc., were on the bottom and the top was stuffed with plain lettuce. By the time I experienced all the lettuce I was too tired or full to even bother seeing what was at the bottom of the bowl.

Now I try to take the time to mix up my salad before I eat it. (Look! Cherry tomatoes! And candied pecans! Mandarin oranges! Croutons!)

Of course, sometimes emotions are rather straightforward. They don’t always have to be complicated. Like Caesar salad. 

And emotions can be downright decadent, like macaroni salad! You want to eat it all the time, it tastes so good! (Pasta + mayonnaise + sweet peppers + other tasty stuff = Joy + elation + bliss?)

Then there are the salads with a lot of arugula. Bitter in large doses. And hard to stomach. It’s hard to understand the purpose of such a salad. Maybe to make other salads taste all the better? Maybe just to say you survived an arugula-stuffed salad?

Along that line, my husband also taught me that even though you might not like a certain salad, it’s important to try it. To experience it. It has a purpose, even if it’s not obvious. 

Can we make our own salads? Or are we always served? Or maybe it’s both, depending on the circumstances?

One important nuance I’ve realized is that whether or not you make your own salad, you can determine the dressing that goes on top. So you have quite a lot of control over the taste of the whole thing.

(But some salads are so good you just don’t want to mess with them at all. Pasta salad needs no dressing!)

So mix up your salad! Add a dash of dressing! If it needs it. And enjoy. Even if it’s not your favourite. 


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