A doll named Dana

I did something ridiculous today. I was out getting a head start on Christmas shopping when I saw this:

Her name is Dana! 

Growing up I NEVER saw ANYTHING with the name Dana on it. 

Plastic jewelry? Nope. 

Personalized placemats, plates, or cups? Nada. 

Pencils, pens, erasers? Zippo.

Lots of Alisons and Jessicas and Jennifers and Sarahs, but never a Dana when I was growing up.

Actually, there was one Dana: the character played by Sigourney Weaver in the original Ghostbusters movie. For that reason alone Sigourney Weaver was my favourite actress for a very long time. 

I would have absolutely flipped my lid if I saw this doll in the store when I was a girl! She even has dark, frizzy hair like me! And I wear glasses now too! And I have a purse that is almost the exact same colour! My inner 6-year-old is squealing.

So I bought myself the doll. A 40-year-old buying a doll for herself. Especially when she should be buying Christmas presents for her children! (Recently I saw the movie Bad Moms. Subliminal influence?)

I’ve never even heard of Journey Girls. Is it a “thing”? I have no idea.

I don’t feel so crazy when I get home and my 3-year-old sees Dana and her eyes light up. 

If anyone asks, I bought it for her.


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