The day needed butterflies

I took the day off. It is 3 degrees Celsius and raining. A cold, bone-chilling rain. And windy. In a word: miserable.

(But the fallen, soggy leaves make for lovely colour-splashes on the roads and sidewalks…)

I knew what today needed: butterflies. I hopped in the car and drove to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

The kids were at school and daycare so I would have the butterflies all to myself!

I stepped inside. It was 26 Celsius. Hallelujah! The humid air was pleasantly fragrant, the chirping birds joyful, peaceful.

Here are some friends I made:

A Rice Paper Butterfly taking a sip from a cluster of small flowers.




This one likes to pose. And so do some fruit flies…


I love how we can see the big eye and rolled-up tongue (proboscis) on this one!


And another poser…

I saw this fellow, and Owl Butterfly, on a big leaf and offered him my red sweater sleeve. He climbed right on and started poking my sweater with his long tongue (proboscis). Interesting how he thought I was a potential flower!


I think I have some kind of cosmic connection with Owl Butterflies, because they are the same type of butterflies I befriended in Costa Rica, too.

And here is a rather impressive flower:

Look at me! I’m perfect! How can you not take a picture of me?

I have to say that besides a cozy cafe where I can write, the Butterfly Conservatory sure does fill up my well.

Rain? What rain? 🙂




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