The Starbucks cinnamon is gone again…

Here are seven reasons why it is a bizarre night here in Starbucks:

  1. After I placed my order the barista asked me, very sincerely, “And how was your day today?”
  2. The cinnamon is gone. Did that cinnamon-stealing kid I saw a few weeks ago strike again?
  3. A couple brought a huge, adorable dog into the shop. The couple had a hushed but heated argument. Then they left (with their dog).
  4. There is a family reunion of sorts occurring at the table beside me.
  5. A teenage girl just came into the shop wrapped in a big Franklin the Turtle blanket.
  6. I am bored with the story I am writing. Not a good sign. 
  7. I have an urge to read a trashy romance novel.

The night is getting interesting. Should I order another coffee?


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