My friend Miss Piggy

It’s time for The Muppet Show! I race to change into my cozy pyjamas that my Grandma made and my fuzzy slippers. I grab my favourite blue blanket and my little friend, Miss Piggy. She is the size of a finger puppet but in my imagination she is much bigger than that.

I crank the big knob on the TV and launch myself onto the couch. I hold Miss Piggy out towards the TV so she has a perfect view, like me. I will hold her like that for the whole show. Mom comes by and props up my arm with a pillow. But even though my arm gets a bit sore from holding Miss Piggy that way, I don’t mind. This is our TV-Time, and I want Miss Piggy to see the TV show, too.

The Muppet Show is my favourite. It’s funny. And I get to see Miss Piggy. I like her because she has long blonde hair, nice make-up on her eyes, and she dresses pretty. I like her long, purple, silky gloves she wears. She is a bit loud but that’s okay. Sometimes I imagine being dressed pretty like her with long blonde hair.

Once The Muppet Show is over it’s bedtime. That’s okay because I’m tired and my arm is tired.


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