Baking cookies with Daddy

“Hey, Dana, want to make some cookies?”


I drop my Lego and race into the kitchen. Daddy was setting out all the stuff onto the counter: flour, eggs, butter…

“What kind do you want to make?” Daddy asks. “Rolly cookies or chocolate chip?”

“Rolly cookies!” I exclaim, jumping up and down.

Daddy takes out the rolling pin and a few cookie cutters. We start to make the dough. I’m the dumper: Daddy puts the stuff in the measuring cup and I dump it into the big bowl. I’m also the egg-poker: after the egg goes plop into the bowl I poke it with a fork and it goes all oozy over everything. When all the ingredients are in the bowl Daddy mixes it all up. I love to watch him mix it up because he does it so fast and strong. Around and around, super fast! The fork scrapes the bowl in a constant rhythm as it goes around and around.

Now comes a really fun part: I get to squish the dough in my hands! I grab a fistful and squeeze. I like to see the dough flow slowly, slowly, like doughy worms out from between the small space between my fingers. Daddy sprinkles and spreads flour on the counter. I plop a big blob of dough on top. Now comes my favourite part: the rolling pin!

Daddy helps me start. I grab the handles of the rolling pin and Daddy puts his big, warm hands around mine. Pushing down gently, we roll back and forth, back and forth. I love to watch the dough get flatter and flatter, and bigger and bigger. I take a big metal cookie cutter in the shape of a heart and press it into the dough. I lift it up and, viola! A heart! “Good for you!” Daddy exclaims. “That’s a good heart.” I smile and I feel warmer inside.

Daddy does all the stuff with the oven because it’s very hot. When the oven beeps we know the cookies are done.


“Hooray!!” I cheer. Daddy takes the cookies out of the oven. They look pretty much the same but they are puffier and a bit brown around the edges. “Perfect!” Daddy says.

After a few minutes they are cool enough to eat. “I’d better try one to make sure they’re okay,” says Daddy. He plucks a circle cookie and pops it into his mouth. “Mmmm!” He chews and swallows. “You’d better try one too,” he says to me.

I find the big heart cookie that was the first one I made. I pick it up. It’s warm against my fingertips. I take a bite. Butter and sugar all melty in my mouth. “Mmmm!!” I hum with a mouthful of cookie.

Cookies with Daddy always tastes perfect.


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