A special coffee date

It was a Wednesday evening. It was too cold and dark to play outside. “Let’s go out for coffee!” I suggested to my 3-year-old daughter. Her eyes grew wide. Coffee with mom?! 

We drove to the coffee shop humming to Florence and the Machine. We parked and held hands as we entered the shop. I stopped when we were a few steps in the shop. “Smell that,” I said to my daughter. I closed my eyes and deeply inhaled. “Books and coffee. Mmmm!” When I opened my eyes my daughter had her eyes closed and was taking in a deep breath. “Mmmm!” 

We stepped up to the counter and placed our orders: a decaf Americano and a kids’ hot chocolate. The barista winked at us as she wrote our names on our cups. Then she asked my daughter, “Can you promise me something?” My daughter nodded her head. “When you’re all grown up,” the barista said, “promise me you’ll take your mom out for coffee every so often.”

My daughter stared back. “That’s a fabulous idea!” I replied. 

My daughter and I sat across from each other at a tiny table built for two. She peered at me mischievously from over the copious whipped cream atop her hot chocolate. Soon she had a copious whipped cream moustache atop her lip.

Time slowed down, for just a little while, and we were able to just enjoy each other.


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