Winter-peg and confessions

It’s 4:53 am and I can’t sleep. There’s a blustery snow storm outside and its whooshings and wailings woke me up.

You probably can’t see it very well, but there’s a blustery snow storm in this photo.

It’s easy to hear the wind and snow when you’re on the 18th floor.

Welcome to Winter-peg. They are calling for 10-15 cm of snow today.

Christmas spirit, anyone?

Speaking of hotels, I am staying at The Hotel of the Funky Chair:

Random fact about Downtown Winnipeg: there are lots of sirens.

And I have a confession to make. I’m here at the ArcticNet conference to represent my organization, to help give presentations, to attend side meetings, schmooze, yadda-yadda, but you know what I’m most excited about?

Meeting Arctic fox researchers!

My son and I love Arctic foxes. They’re like the ninjas of the North.


When I read in the conference program that there will be talks by Arctic fox researchers, I felt small internal fireworks go off!

I promise not to be too creepy as I track down the Arctic fox folks and ask them 398453984983745 questions…



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