Cool light bulbs and fox poop

The conference is over and I’m waiting at the airport for my flight home. 

I attended the talks on Arctic foxes, but I had to run to a business meeting so I couldn’t ask the fox researchers my 398453984983745 questions. And I couldn’t find them anywhere afterward.


I will have to stalk them online. Kidding! (Or maybe not…)

But here are some things I learned about Arctic foxes:

  • Their poop is excellent fertilizer. You can easily spot Arctic fox dens in the tundra because the grass and other vegetation around them is so green, thick, and lush.
  • Arctic fox researchers sometimes store fox poop in the fridge do they can do DNA analysis on it at a later time.
  • In some areas, Arctic foxes compete with red foxes. 
  • Lemmings sometimes build nests on top of Arctic fox dens, which is weird, because Arctic foxes eat lemmings.

As I leave Winnipeg, here are some random thoughts–most of which are bathroom-related:

  • There are cool lightbulbs in the hotel rooms:

  • The person in the wheelchair looks like they REALLY have to go…

  • There are TV screens at the bathroom sinks…

And on that note, I gotta go!


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