Making friends with a new sketchbook

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a most awesome Christmas present: a sketchbook and artist pens!

It is awesome because I’d like to draw again. I haven’t drawn since high school. And I haven’t owned a sketchbook since then, either.

So tonight when I found myself with a few spare minutes…I stared at it.

The word “SKETCH” looks funny if you stare at it long enough.

Do I really deserve a sketchbook? I can’t draw!

Oh, shut up and open it!

There. It’s open. I even took out one of the pens. It has “F” on it. I don’t even know what that means! “Fine”? As in, the thickness of the tip is “fine”?

I certainly don’t feel “fine.” I feel “frightened.”

And glaring back is an empty page.

With writing, I know that often the biggest struggle is to begin. Sometimes it helps to just dive in and get a few words on the page, regardless of what they say.

Maybe the same goes for sketching?

Okay, so here’s my hand.

I feel like I should have a disclaimer or something written at the beginning of this book. 

I know! An oath. Here goes…

I, Dana Church, do solemnly swear, that I will be gentle with myself and be patient with myself and kind to myself, as I embark on this somewhat intimidating journey that is a SKETCHBOOK. I solemnly swear I will tell my inner critic to SHUT UP and I will sketch with abandon, knowing that anything I put on the page does NOT need to be perfect, that anything I put on the page is worthy and good enough in its own right, and recognize that artists are not artists unless they take a LEAP and MAKE ART. Which can be anything from the heart.

I did it! I started my sketchbook. 

And so the journey begins…


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