4:09 a.m. observations

I can’t sleep. Just me and the furnace are awake. 

Here is what my brain is thinking:

  • Three cars have driven by in the past 5 minutes. Where could they possibly be going?
  • Campfires are awesome.
  • My eyes feel kinda dry.
  • When your phone screen is on, the rest of the room looks extra dark.
  • Red licorice would be good right about now.
  • I like how my daughter’s hair bounces when she runs.
  • I can hear my pulse in my ears.
  • My son snores funny.
  • Are there equal colours of Smarties in each box? I have a feeling there’s not.
  • Maybe there IS a monster in my closet. It’s probably SLEEPING, which is something I’d like to be doing…
  • There goes the furnace again.
  • Why are poodles’ fur so curly?
  • I’ve had my pyjamas for a long time.
  • Snap-crackle-pop is exactly what Rice Krispies do!
  • Paying attention to your thoughts before 5 a.m. is like having a conversation with a drunk person.

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