Hesitation, funks, and maple syrup

Tonight my finger hesitated over the icon for “new blog post.”

It never used to hesitate like that.

I am sitting in my favourite bookstore/coffee shop and I have 45 minutes to write something before I need to leave for home to tuck the kids into bed. 

Surely 45 minutes is long enough to write something amusing, insightful, and intelligent??

It used to be. But I feel like I don’t have anything amusing, insightful, or intelligent to say. 

I’ve felt that way for a while.

Maybe it’s the winter blahs. Maybe it’s despair over the outcome of the recent US election. Maybe it’s fatigue from being a parent-employee-wife. Maybe it’s…gasp!…the beginning of a mid-life crisis!

Maybe it’s all of this, and its causing my brain to feel like porridge at even the thought of writing something.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. (I’ve told myself that every day now since…January?) Maybe tomorrow I’ll be struck with inspiration. Oh, to feel inspired again! 
Can I please have some brown sugar in my porridge? Raisins? No, even better: maple syrup!

Maybe tomorrow will be a maple syrup day. Some flavour in the blandness. 

Earth to Dana: today is different. I’m writing. 

Maple syrup. Even if it’s just a drop.


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