Bee House!

My husband and kids came home from grocery shopping with a surprise: a bee house!

I’m so excited!

The idea behind it is bees will climb inside one of the little tubes and lay their eggs. As far as I know these houses are used by solitary species of bees: bees that don’t have a colony with a queen and a bunch of sisters, but rather live on their own, gathering pollen and nectar for themselves only, and laying eggs themselves instead of a queen laying eggs.

And according to the packaging, bees that use these types of houses are non-stinging bees. I assumed solitary bees can sting but perhaps I’m wrong?

I studied bumblebees, but there are thousands of other species of bees out there. (Bumblebees won’t use this house because they tend to nest in the ground, and their nest has a communal space where the queen lays eggs and there are wax nectar storage pots. There can be upwards of 200 bumblebees in a colony, so a bee house like this would get pretty crowded!)

I’m already thinking about where to put the bee house in our backyard. Near some flowers, for sure.

Spring is on the way!


2 thoughts on “Bee House!

  1. Amy and Anthony returned from Costco with the Bee house surprise. I am thrilled with idea but are the non stinging bees native to Ottawa area? Please update me with your success with bee house and timing about when to put it outside. Thanks. Mrs.Post


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